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lnoSphere - Cloud services management platform

lnoSphere - Cloud Services management platform

InoSphere – modular hosting platform designed to provide cloud services based on own or leased infrastructure. Includes all necessary cloud tools for effective management.


  • Default operating system is CentOS
  • Web application servers: JBoss AS, Apache Tomcat, HTTP load balancer on NGINX
  • Programming languages: Java, Freemarker, Spring Framework, Quartz, Bash;
  • Workflow Management: open source Java-based BPM-system;
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases


lnoSphere API
  • Flexible integration to customer's internal systems
  • Fully customizable Personal Account interface for branding and extra functionality
lnoSphere's modular architecture allows to choose and integrate
  • Billing system (NetUP by default)
  • Payment system: several payment gates such as internet-acquiring
  • IT Service desk system
100% business processes of ICT services managed and controlled
  • Business processes that match customer's real processes with step tracking and control
  • Control at different levels (Services, Resources)
  • The audits
InoShpere simple maintenance
  • Real-time equipment control
  • Every step in business processes visualized in BPM
  • Rapid troubleshooting


Personal account allows to manage services for customers and staff, to obtain financial statistics and consumed services. Personal account is integrated with automatic calculation system. 

The registration process for new customers, service management and calculations are fully automated. User makes all the control service actions by himself. 

This allows to minimize necessity of DC staff to invent the service management process.


One of the components of lnoSphere is billing system NetUPUTM5. It stores information about the subscribers, services, and payments. Also it produces the billing of executed services in automatic mode. This system is certified for use in the telecommunications industry.


Inventory is a set of directories not associated with specific services or subscribers. In these directories all data of all data center resources are stored and systematized. The system keeps track of physical and virtual data center resources. Each accounting entity can have a set of attributes depending on the assigned role. The possibility of stock-taking network addressing data center is performed. It is also possible to track the resource occupation and utilization. System allows to support up to 5,000 pieces of equipment.


Business processes management system is a key element of the system, coordinating all the process in service management and task automatic execution. This system distributes responsible units to execute assigned tasks according the business processes. 

All business processes can be customized for the needs of the certain customer. It doesn't require knowledge of programming languages, all changes can be made in the graphical process designer.

Support and maintenance

  • Free system updates within the Global Updates Programme
  • Finalization discovered critical vulnerabilities
  • Indefinite technical support in the current system version
  • Development of the additional system capabilities
  • Revision and implementation of individual customer solutions

Delevery and Implementation

  • System implementation from scratch from 14 days
  • Setup payment gateway from 1 working day

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