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invGUARD - Cyberattack prevention system

Cyberattacks have become an important weapon of corporate wars and competition. Network attacks are used as a tool of choice in dirty competition and state-scale cyberwars. A steady growth in the number of DDoS attacks and the increase of their capacity and complexity have been observed over the last years. 

The role of cyber warfare in political struggle, both internal and at the inter-state level, has been growing steadily. To protect, Inoventica provides invGUARD, the solution offered by Inoventica Technologies.

Your benefits:

Flexibility and scalability
  • Any type of network architecture: border-like, P-PE-CE and others
  • Any network speeds: from Mbits to Tbits
  • Wide range of supported network hardware: Juniper, Cisco, Huawei, etc.
International Threat Center
  • Best international security experts
  • Regular invGUARD updates of new security event types
  • Real-time support in the case of an attack
Implementation and support
  • Easy & quick implementation
  • Rapid customer needs improvements such as new reports
  • Implementation, support and maintenance by experts
Low cost of ownership
  • Relatively low cost of ownership
  • Compact: 1U or 2U servers
  • Low power consumption: 0,5 kW per appliance


  • Traffic flow analysis: NetFlow v5, v9 and IPFIX, NetStream v5 and v9, sFlow
  • Router status and data: SNMP v2c and v3
  • Routings table and traffic flow management: BGP v4
  • OS: Linux (Red Hat, CentOS or similar)
  • x86 CPU: server hardware agnostic
  • KVM virtual machine support for invGuard AS
  • MySQL Database
  • Apache web server
  • Rapid traffic cleaning: special high-speed or Intel DPDK supported network cards


  • Up to 5 Tbits traffic analysis for cyberattack prevention
  • 100+ routers in single management interface
  • 20000+ managed objects
  • Multi-vendors environment: Juniper, HPE, H3C, Cisco, Huawei, Alcatel, Exterme, etc.
  • 250+ customized views of traffic and objects
  • 100+ types of detectable cyberattacks
  • 10000+ threats per day
  • 80- hours for on-site deployment

Support and maintenance

  • Free system updates within the Global Updates Programme
  • Technical support 24x7 or 8x5 time schedule
  • New custom reports from 2 weeks.
  • Integration with network management platforms – from 1 day


  • Implementation takes 2 weeks for the typical network: 3-5 routers, 100 Gbt traffic flow
  • On-site and off-site implementation
  • Employee’s training by invGUARD experts

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or help solve a new problems.